Il Comune di Genoni visto dall'alto - Foto di Gianni Alvito

The territory of Genoni Council forms part of the historical region of Sarcidano in central Sardinia. It extends over an area of approximately 44 sq km (17 sq mls) and lies between 300 m (984 ft) and 600 m (1,969 ft) above sea level, with the town of Genoni sitting at 447 m (1,467 ft). Over 16 sq km (6 sq mls) of this land fall within the Grande Giara plateau, renowned for its little Giara horses, enchanting scenery and its habitat teeming with biodiversities.

The landscape displays a unique variety of geomorphological environments, owing to its lengthy geological and palaeogeographical evolution, which witnessed many important tectonic, volcanic, sedimentary and morphogenetic events. These events can be dated to approximately 300 million years ago, at the end of the Palaeozoic, with the major impact occurring during the final 25 million years.

Dominating this gentle landscape is the characteristic isolated relief of the Santu Antine hill, rising to 591 m (1,939 ft) above sea level. Like the Giara, it has taken shape in the marls of the Miocene and is characterized by a flat layer of basalt from the Pliocene. Besides the breathtaking view to be had from the hill, it is also famous for the presence of a 39 m-deep (128 ft-deep) nuraghic well.

On the hill's south-eastern slope, opposite the Grande Giara plateau, stands the small town of Genoni, which, despite its size, is bursting with history and cultural heritage of notable interest.