The Giara Horse Museum’s ethnographic section is set out across the various rooms of Casa Serra, a typical, traditional Sardinian home which has been restored and adapted for use as a museum. Equipment for working the land, carpentry and shepherding tools, as well as kitchen utensils and bedroom objects dating to the beginning of the 1900s all make this visit both enjoyable and educational. These objects and their usage are further described in video footage of interviews with the local elderly population, along with accounts of bygone times in the town. The Museum’s ethnographic section is documented by Prof. Giulio Angioni, whose texts give visitors a deeper insight into Sardinian social and cultural anthropology, and create a dialectic link between local and regional contexts.

The Museum counts approximately 400 articles, which have all been restored, catalogued and labelled in accordance with ICCD (Italian Institute of Cataloguing and Documentation) standards.