Il malocchio visto da Pia Valentinis

With the aim of capturing young children’s imaginations, the interviews and contents of the Giara Horse Museum have been passed through the hands of a leading artist and illustrator, Pia Valentinis, who after analysing the collections was able to portray them in her illustrations. These pictures heighten the museum experience, with the ambitious goal of managing to reach different levels of sensibility. The illustrations also feature in an original Museum Guidebook, accompanied by extracts taken from the interviews.

Biography of Pia Valentinis:

Pia Valentinis was awarded Best Illustrator in the XXXI Edition of the Andersen Prize, the most prestigious award for children’s books in Italy. In 2012, her book, ‘Raccontare gli alberi’, co-illustrated with Mauro Evangelista, won the Andersen Prize for Best Popular Book. She has illustrated numerous children’s books for both Italian and international publishers. Her most recent publication, ‘Ferriera’ (Coconino Press), is a graphic novel.

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