The Giara Horse Museum is housed within a typical, traditional Sardinian home featuring a central courtyard. It is divided in two wings and has various sections. 

S’òmmu e su massaiu:

Comprising the stable, cellar and equipment room, s’òmmu e su massaiu recounts the past with the aid of illustrations, old tools and descriptions. It tells us of the toils, but also of the passion, joy and celebration that would follow the completion of all hard work.

The Kitchen:

The heart of the house, where not only flavours and dishes but also accounts and tales are created and savoured.


The evening rooms where, in the darkness of the night, family plans are made and memories – both good and bad – are rekindled. Above all, it is the ideal place for building hopes and dreams.

The Horse Section:

The historical memory of a community whose course has always been accompanied by the presence of the little Giara horse, like a shadow never leaving its side, defining its shape and guiding it through time.