Summer camps

An Army of Researchers to Unearth Sardinia’s Ancient Origins

Visita al alla cava fossilifera di Duidduru durante un campo estivo

Sardinia is one of Europe’s most ancient lands, with fossils and rocks bearing witness to this. It is therefore necessary to form an army of researchers to shed light on the island’s past.

The Young Palaeontologist Summer Camp, lasting either one or three days, is the ideal study break for young people with a passion for science, fossils and palaeontology, eager to further their knowledge of these interests.

Armed with our Young Palaeontologist’s Kit, budding researchers can take part in a learn-through-play educational programme, carrying out activities under the guidance of a real palaeontologist and staff specialized in education.

The Camp takes place in the Genoni area, both inside its various museums and on local sites across the surrounding countryside.

At the PARC – the Archaeological and Palaeontological Centre – youngsters learn about the geological eras and master how to clean fossils, putting their newly acquired skills into practice on real geological samples.

At the Geo Palaeo Site, also known as the Duidduru Quarry, they can marvel at a real fossilized seabed and discover the many animals that once thrived in Sardinia, during the Miocene epoch. The Giara plateau provides the perfect setting for discussing volcanic eruptions, enjoying pleasant country walks and sighting rare plants and animals, such as the little Giara horse.

The overnight stay, and meals featuring local produce, are all offered by the local agriturismo and educational farm, Cuaddus e Tellas, in Genoni.

For the 3-day programme (two overnight stays), the maximum number of participants is eight. There is no limit however on the number of participants for our 1-day programmes.

For further information and details, please contact:

(0039) 339 16 76 863 (also on Whatsapp)